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We are a"dreamtank..."  

We are a community co-creating a world in which humans thrive. We make beautiful spaces that are accessible to the best thinkers. We help people to look deeply at "wicked problems" and solve them through art and design. We connect people to themselves, one another, and a greater cause so that they can make dreams a reality.


Why do we exist?

Despite the technological, economic and legal progress in the past 100 year, women live in world architected primarily by men. The impact of this imbalance is has had lasting impacts on individuals, families, societies, nations and planet. We do not want to push out men, but to raise the feminine voice so that together we might build a more beautiful world.

"Women are underrepresented in power and decision-making roles... Companies that focus on women's empowerment experience greater business success." United Nations Global Compact


How did Cloth start?

Cloth was inspired The Apron Manifesto created by Suzi Hamill. The apron is a garment that represents the elements humans need to create a more beautiful world. Suzi had an epiphany about how we can "clothe" people with with the confidence they need to build a world they love.

How does Cloth work?

Download the PDF with our model and examples of our work.

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Still curious? Reach out directly to 

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