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“Women are underrepresented in power and decision-making roles... Companies that focus on women’s empowerment experience greater business success. "  - United Nations Global Compact

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We are a"dreamtank."  We are a community co-creating a world in which humans thrive. We make beautiful spaces that are accessible to the best thinkers. We help people to look deeply at "wicked problems" and solve them through art and design. We connect people to themselves, one another, and a greater cause so that they can make dreams a reality.

In 2022 Cloth will create and connect  two learning communities - one for organizational leaders & one for independent thinkers. We give our communities the tools to turn thoughts into art. Art becomes the vision, power...  and hope. 

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Inspired by Suzi Hamill’s Apron Manifesto, Cloth will celebrate its upcoming launch by presenting a series of co-branded aprons to its core visionary supporters.

Still curious? Reach out directly to 

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