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“Women are underrepresented in power and decision-making roles... Companies that focus on women’s empowerment experience greater business success. "  - United Nations Global Compact

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Our mission is to build a world in which women thrive. We believe humanity needs more women in power and decision making roles. We work to amplify the economic growth and emotional well-being of women worldwide.  We are building platforms for all genders to convene to co-create a better future. 


We are a dream tank. Cloth convenes homemakers to policymakers, powerful builders solving the world’s most difficult problems. We will collaborate with bold companies with commitments to co-create a more female future by solving the problem of women's access to capital and to people who believe in them.

 We are creating a forum for all people to share research, explore and design together so that we are solving the right problem. We are giving these people the optimism and space to dream.


Inspired by Suzi Hamill’s Apron Manifesto, Cloth will celebrate its upcoming launch by presenting a series of 100 co-branded aprons to its core visionary supporters.  Cloth is building a community of the best minds and makers. We will host co-creation conventions to research problems and prototype solutions. Cloth will find financing to build and launch the best ways to create a world where all genders have a chance to thrive.

The future is female. Let’s co-create it.


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